Global Bond Alliance – Australia (GBA-A) facilitates the transaction of historical bonds for exchange under programs such as the International Historical Redemption Program. GBA-A assists in matching the owners of proven historical bonds with qualifying private and government buyers. GBA-A specializes in the redemption of Chinese gold-backed bonds such as Super Petchilis as well as Brazilian LTN bonds. While pricing depends on supply and demand, GBA-A will always strive to obtain the highest prices for the sellers. A large component of this initiative is to support humanitarian projects around the world, and GBA-A is closely involved in many of these humanitarian projects. Our primary focus is confidentiality and security, ensuring a high-level vetting process while remaining compliant to all banking and redemption mandates. Please be aware that the process can take weeks or months since many packages are currently in the buyer’s pipeline and in various stages of due diligence.

GBA-A is a sister company of Capital Merchant Limited, which has been working with Brazilian LTNs for many years. Expertise is provided to transact verified LTNs in a safe manner, with the various Brazilian government agencies and banks through our Brazilian Partners. We are able to carry out the entire process by taking responsibility through agreements with the asset holders (sellers / owners) via Trustee Agreements, Assignments, and Power of Attorney Agreements. Information will not be shared between buyers and sellers and we will handle each step of the transaction with privacy and expertise.

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A bond is a Promissory Note, issued by a corporation or government toward the completion of a project. A bond is a means for that corporation or government to borrow money from the general public in small individual increments. In return for the use of the bond owner’s money, interest is paid on a pre-determined schedule and the principal is due at the end of the term.

Gold-backed bonds, such as Chinese Petchili Bonds, were issued by governments early in the last century to fund building projects such as railroads. Private investors purchase and hold these bonds, which are in default by the Chinese Government, in light of the proposed redemption with re-payment of principal and with compensation for lost interest and increased collateral value.

Some are rare, and therefore command a relatively high price among collectors, traders, sellers and buyers. While historical bonds are tricky to work with, each case is decided by the merits and authenticity of the bonds themselves.

Genuine unredeemed bearer bonds have value and are to be paid out by the current Chinese government’s decision to honor the outstanding debts from the previous Chinese administrations of the early part of the last century (25 February 2015 decision for final repayment).


LTNs are bonds of Brazilian Public Debt, issued by the Brazilian National Treasury in the 1970s, originally with a term of validity of one year. The length of time for LTNs that have been re-registered with CETIP and SELIC has been legally extended. LTNs may also be registered with Euroclear and DTC. The bonds are held (under ownership responsibility) by individuals, institutions (such as companies, banks and other organizations), as well as governments (either Brazilian or foreign).

According to the Law No. 10.179 of February 06, 2001, resulting from the conversion of the Provisional Measure No. 2096-89, also of 2001, the National Treasury IS REQUIRED TO RESPOND TO THE REQUEST FOR THE REDEMPTION OF ALL SECURITIES AND POLICIES ISSUED UNDER THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, ON THE MATURITY DATES SET FORTH ON THE SECURITY ITSELF OR UPON THEIR RE-AGREEMENTS. The Brazilian Government may propose to the holders and owners of these assets a new re-agreement on the maturity dates, but THIS WILL BE AN EXCLUSIVE DECISION OF THE OWNERS AND WILL ONLY HAPPEN IF THEY FIND THE TERMS OF A POSSIBLE RE-AGREEMENT FINANCIALLY INTERESTING. Otherwise, they will have the receipt assured on the liquidation date. It must be remembered that assets issued by the Brazilian National Treasury will always belongs to it, and an LTN transaction is properly stated as “TRANSFERENCE OF BENEFICIARY” and not a sale and purchase.

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